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This firm is is dedicated to the continued success of our clients. We advise our clients not as outsiders looking in but as strategic partners whose goal is to help you get your life back!

The tax practice is the core of this firm. Our tax expertise enables us to excel at the various areas it touches-such as estate planning, collection, bankruptcy, and ultimately trial litigation.

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Aaron Joshua brings experience from all sides of the financial spectrum, from insurance and banking, to the inside of venture-backed startups.

But more important than our firm's leadership is a team that wholeheartedly believes in our core philosophy. Every member is chosen because of a demonstrated passion for the work we do coupled with an unmatched work ethic.

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Your attorney should be strategic and understand that the goal of every representation is the continued success of the client.

Tax Preparation

Get the numbers done right the first time! We also specialize in prior-year return.

Tax Notices

If you received a notice from the IRS or Dept. of Revenue than CALL US IMMEDIATELY.


We can negotiate payment plans and settlements with creditors so the collection calls stop.


Unfortunately sometimes you have to fight for your beliefs. Set yourself up for success.


Peace of mind actually starts as soon as you give us a call.

Employment Litigation

We stand-up for victims of discrimination, harassment, and numerous other abuses in the workplace.


Whether seeking asylum or avoiding removal, do not do it along. Give us a call.

Estate Planning

Protect your estate from over-taxation and poor financial management. Call now for a consultation.

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Whatever your needs; Whatever your situation, we want to hear about it. I'm sure we can make it at least a little better.

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New Revenue Recognition Rules

The new accounting standard for revenue recognition will likely affect every aspect of a business that relates to revenue, from a company’s financial results and compliance with debt covenants to executive compensation. Yet surveys show that many companies are dragging their feet and have yet to begin preparing for this impending change,...